There are close around 40 variations of cargo trucks utilizing India's streets. Trucking innovation startup Blackbuck is planning to significantly increase the size of its truck-hailing stage inside the following two years following a series of financing. 

The startup plans to explain the unpredictable riddle of coordinating burdens with limit by associating shippers with trucks something like Uber. Uber interfaces travelers with cabs streamlining the riddle, which undoubtedly is unpredictable in India. 

The Bangalore based startup Zinka's coordinations arrangement BlackBuck has 300,000 trucks and 60,000 armada proprietors on its stage in just inside 3 years and dreams to build that number to 1 million by 2021. As of late the startup had brought $150 million up in Series-D subsidizing as a piece of this round, BlackBuck representatives can sell 25% of their complete vested stocks, as indicated by reports. The organization's representative stock pool remains at 4.7% and is esteemed at Rs 300 crore. 

On the off chance that the valuation of the organization strikes 1 Billion imprints, it will be India's seventeenth organization to contact unicorn status. With this arrangement, shippers can book a truck with a tick simply like some other ride-hailing App BlackBuck coordinates the interest with accessible trucks and drivers. The drivers at that point go to the pickup point and afterward to its goal. On the off chance that the drivers figure out how to convey it before time, at that point they get impetuses from BlackBuck. 

Established by two architects and a business graduate in 2015, Zinka is attempting to push its way in the biggest economy in South Asia through profound innovation.

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