Home ‘selling and buying’ is a serious decision indeed, and should be planned accordingly. Taking time to assess the worth of the property, the land, and the neighborhood is very important; for both, buyers and sellers alike.

This definitely isn’t a decision that can be made with haste. It is recommended to talk to realtors and specialists of specific areas such as those who deal with home and land package Victoria, if your property is located in Victoria, and making a well-informed decision afterward.

Common Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid at Any Cost!

  1. Not hiring a professional

Every person has a niche in which they excel and in which they are able to perform well. It is important to understand early on in the process that realtors and home specialists are masters at their game.

You need to sort through them and find the one who is skilled, knowledgeable and adept. Realtors help people buy and sell the property for a living. This is what they do day in and day out. Hence, they amass a wealth of knowledge through both training and experience.

If you wish to go out a complete novice in the field and sell your home at a good price – you are making a big mistake!

Another reason hiring a professional comes highly recommended is that realtors have a wide array of contacts which can help secure a sale fairly quickly. A lot quicker at any rate than an individual can do on his/her own!

  1. Fixating on the wrong price

Again – a huge mistake! Money is always important. When it comes to something as big as a house, it’s a considerable amount.

Research well and know your market. Fixing a price too high will obviously mean you’ll have a lot of trouble selling it and probably won’t be able to sell it at all. On the other hand, a price too low might mean that your home is snatched up immediately but when you go to reinvest the money, you’ll find out what a loss you’ve made!


  1. Neglecting repairs

Make sure you fix everything before putting your house on sale. Never put up something that’s damaged. People see what’s right in front of them, and not everyone has the ability to visualize what the house can become with a little bit of repair work.
You need to show your house as perfectly as you can. Display its full potential!


  1. Overlooking cleaning up prior to sale

We all have random paraphernalia strewn across the house. And that’s all fine. Although when you are showing your house to potential buyers, it’s important that everything is cleaned up.

Think of it as creating a Zen-like atmosphere. This is especially helpful as it “opens up” space, as in it makes your house, rooms, countertops and everything else look more spacious and more welcoming.


  1. Marketing failures

Never overlook the significance of marketing! This point is also somewhat linked to hiring a competent realtor as they can prove to be invaluable in marketing your house to the right audience.

Marketing a house for sale requires that you know what people are interested and make sure the news reaches them. Realtors deal with both buyers and sellers and hence are well aware of customers who are looking for home and land package Victoria, and hence can reach out to them accordingly.

This also includes spending some time, effort and money for professional photography, ads in the right newspapers and even marketing on online forums.


  1. Presentation issues!

So you might think you’re being organized in removing everything from your home prior to showing it to potential buyers. However, this is simply not true. Presenting an empty home means you’re setting up your home for failure. Staging plays a significant role in making your home look attractive, so this is definitely something to pay attention to.

If your furniture is already somewhere else, local furniture shops can also help you out by providing bare necessities. (You can maybe get away with it for free if you can convince shop owners to look at this as a marketing activity for their furniture business: win-win!)


  1. Ignoring early buyers

Living in La-La land is a specialty of humans. But be realistic!

Regard all bids realistically, and instead of turning away early buyers and bids in the hopes of getting a better deal later, it’s ideal to consider all.
Remember: a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush!


  1. Avoiding full disclosure

Never hide faults as this can be an expensive mistake. Not only can it result in lawsuits, but it’s also wrong on ethical and moral fronts. The buyers deserve to know what they’re paying for!


Be careful and thoughtful when putting up your home for sale – there are many factors involved and it’s definitely not something you can rush into

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