Only two or three weeks before Avengers: Endgame at long last hits theaters, chiefs Anthony and Joe Russo are as of now breaking hearts of fans everywhere throughout the world. The most recent extraordinary look video for the film, discharged not long ago, indicated Steve Rogers and Tony Stark at last gathering one another and puting their disparities behind. The clasp warmed each fan's hearts yet clearly it was very great to be valid. 

In an ongoing meeting with Fox 5 DC, Joe Russo broke the news. The questioner tells the executives the amount he cherished viewing the scene in the trailer and how it made him tear up. Joe rained on his procession and disclosed to him that the scene had been shot only for the trailer. 

"That scene really isn't in the motion picture. You realize we tell individuals that we control the trailers so as to (quiet) what occurs in these movies. That acutally isn't in the film," Joe says in the meeting. His sibling and co-chief Anthony looks wide-peered toward at Joe as he makes the huge disclosure. 

On being inquired as to whether that was valid, Joe at last says with a shrewd grin: "Am I clowning?" Anthony proceeded to discuss Tony and Steve's relationship in the film to take the discussion in an alternate bearing. Joe pokes in a single last word: "Possibly it is in the motion picture." 

In the event that the scene doesn't really make it to the film, this would not be the first run through Marvel or the Russo Brothers would have done a wonder such as this. The trailer for Avengers: Infinity War demonstrated Hulk rushing to fight in Wakanda with a couple of more legends close by. Obviously, in the motion picture, Hulk never appears at all and there is no scene of the legends going through the trees. 

The principal trailer for Endgame additionally includes a peculiar hole between the saints in a playing field as they watch a far off item in the sky. It is nearly affirmed since the hole was made by carefully expelling Brie Larson's Captain Marvel from the scene. 

Justice fighters: Endgame lands in theaters on April 26. It will be 3 hours 2 minutes in length, the longest Marvel motion picture in the studios' history.

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