Often people give much attention to their heart, brain and kidneys, but when it comes to other areas of their body; they stay still and unconcerned. The point is that you have to be prudent about all the health conditions or you might end up with the adverse outcomes. Have you ever taken your back ache or spine discomfort seriously? You have no clue how a simple spine pain can lead to extreme and adverse conditions. You can speak with the best spine surgeon in India if you even have to go through spine treatment. Remember, what is the point if you cannot simply walk, run or lay down because of spine issues?

To take pressure off your nerves 

There are various conditions like a disc herniation or spinal stenosis, do compress the nerves inside the spinal column that can head to pain, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, and other types of more severe symptoms. Spinal surgery is characteristically required with this condition to evade any type of permanent impairment. It can be accomplished via surgeries such as a laminectomy, ALIF, or even that of XLIF.   

To realign a crooked spine 

A few conditions like that of kyphosis, and flat-back syndrome, impact the natural curvature of spine and end up in different types of impairments. Scoliosis and kyphosis are characteristically managed non-operatively via bracing and physical therapy, but in times in which the spinal curvature exceeds a specific level, surgical intervention is absolutely needed to realign the spine. The same is absolutely true for flat-back syndrome in case the signs are not relieved via non-operative measures. 

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To stabilize an unstable spine condition 

You know an unstable spine is described as the inability of your spinal column to upkeep its natural form under general usage conditions. A healthy spine caters structure, protection, and even that of support for the body, but an unstable spine might no longer hold together your spinal ligaments, disc, muscles and even bones in such as way as to cater these necessary functions. Doctors witness that unstable spines in a lot of conditions like that of spondylolisthesis, spinal fractures, and even sometimes an extreme disc injury.  Surgery is mostly needed if symptoms progress to intractable leg pain, back pain, significant neurologic issues from a pinched nerve. This is most of the times attained by fusing the unstable portions of the spine via an ALIF, PLIF, or even that of Lateral Interbody Fusion. 

You must Note:

  • A main care physician or doctor could prescribe medications, like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or for intense episodes of low back pain, non-narcotic pain medicines. These doctors can also give a short course of narcotic pain medications. The doctors can also order physical therapy and refer you to a chiropractor.

  • A chiropractor typically specializes in making use of mechanical means to comfort the patient's low back pain, such as an adjustment or one of different modalities.

Well if the low back pain starts to get better early, then the patient might generally resume usual activities in a gradual speed and it shall not be important to see a spine surgeon. Physical therapy and exercise blended with back care education are mostly recommended.  Similarly a mixture of enhanced ergonomics, daily posture, and day today stretching and exercise all have a significant role in great back care and they are assistive in reducing the chances of future instances of low back pain and the probability of eventually needing to talk with a professional spine expert or surgeon.

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When should you see a doctor?

Low back surgery is capable of rectifying anatomical situations that end up in either spinal instability or the nerve pinching. If either of these issues is present on an imaging study and the signs of a patient fit with that of the radiographic or clinical   picture, then spine surgery might be chosen In case there is no familiar anatomic cause of the low back pain of a patient then back surgery is not an option. In case non-surgical procedures do fails to eradicate the pain of a patient, it is not itself a hint for having spine surgery. There has also to be an anatomical cut that might be acknowledged as the reason of the patient's low back pain.

Remember that as with any type of condition, a thorough and proper evaluation is required to decide an appropriate course of treatment. Schedule an appointment today with the best spine surgeon in India.


Thus, your spine is as crucial as your heart, brain, kidneys and liver. You should not dodge it!

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