Oscar-winning performer AR Rahman's little girl Khatija (23) was as of late trolled for wearing a niqab (a cloak worn by Muslim ladies out in the open) at an ongoing occasion praising 10 years of Slumdog Millionaire. At the occasion not long ago, Khatija imparted the phase to him in a niqab and not long after online life was buzzing and many felt that Rahman, as a dad, wasn't right in driving his little girl to wear a niqab. 

Rahman took to Twitter, where all the abhor was originating from, with a photograph demonstrating his significant other and other little girl, Raheema, without niqabs. He expressed, "The valuable women of my family Khatija, Raheema and Sairaa with NitaAmbaniji #freedomtochoose". 

The Padma Bhushan-awardee comprehends where every one of these remarks are originating from. "These individuals who said such [negative] things are great individuals. Once in a while, they are over-concerned. They feel AR Rahman is a piece of their family, so for what reason is he doing either, so such responses originate from a feeling of over-insurance," he says. 

The music maestro includes once the genuine reason is disclosed to them, they get it. "And after that they are cool about it. That is the thing that happened when I revealed to them that my better half and one young lady, Raheema, don't wear [niqab] and Khatija needs to, so we approve of it. It's her opportunity to choose," includes Rahman, who will perform in the Capital tomorrow (February 9) at a music occasion, The Sufi Route. 

The commended artist arranger says his little girl is a tough lady, who recognizes what she needs from life. "For whatever length of time that my youngsters are doing what they have faith in and if there is nothing incorrectly about it, they'll generally have our help. Khatija mirrors the virtue I need to accomplish. She helps me to remember my growing-up years. She is clear about what she needs to do with her life and has traversed the world, yet never confronted anything for wearing a niqab. She's very cool about it. She needs to work for the advancement of the denied. I am pleased with her," he includes. 

Does Rahman feel his prevalence puts the focus on his three children (Raheema, Khatija and AR Ameen)? "I've left them alone. They aren't new to whatever occurs around them due to whoever I am. At first they'd get somewhat threatened however at this point they're utilized to it. I ensure they venture to the far corners of the planet and take in things from all over the place. They comprehend everybody has their own voyage. They are develop about what they post [on social media], how they talk and about what I think. [In that sense] They settle on their own decisions," he shares.

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