Apple uncovered Audio Sharing at the present WWDC occasion. Presently, in the event that you need to impart a melody or a video to a companion, you'll have the option to do as such remotely by sending the sound to their AirPods. 

The organization didn't uncover precisely how this exchange would occur: we didn't see an exhibition, only a still picture of two telephones drifting beside one another. Probably it'll be a piece of the sharing choice in Apple Music and other sound based applications. You'll get the choice to impart sound to your companion's telephone when you bring it near theirs. It's fundamentally the people to come (and increasingly clean) form of taking an earbud out and placing it into your amigo's ear. 

Apple additionally added Handoff backing to HomePod, which means you can likewise rapidly share a melody (or some other sound playing on your telephone) with the room by moving your telephone near the case. It'll consequently get and start playing the sound, and you can "take it back" by means of a similar signal. Once more, Apple didn't uncover how this would deal with this Handoff past a solitary still picture, yet it sounds like a simple method to get your tunes moving in a rush. 

Another disclosure that came pressed in close by different updates to the AirPods — in particular, that you'll presently have the option to react to Messages straightforwardly while your hands are generally involved gratitude to Siri. While it was just shown quickly, it obviously permits Siri to peruse out Messages to you by means of your AirPods. You can disclose to Siri how to react, and she'll send the message along for you. Apparently we'll see progressively about this sometime in the not too distant future. 

As indicated by Apple, these highlights will be a piece of iOS 13, which is turning out for clients this fall.

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