We each following day unearth the news of well known brands trolling over the web for advancing their organizations or items. A considerable lot of them result in contentions and rivalry among the brand loyalties. 

A ton commonly we have seen Android brands or the big name represetative of a specific Android telephone advancing it by means of iPhone via web-based networking media stage like Twitter. 

As of late, we stamped Samsung Nigeria advancing the Galaxy Note 9 on its official Twitter account by means of an iPhone. 

Also, presently subsequent to seeing such occurrences occurring with Android here comes, another where Apple is gotten in a similar issue. 

Prior in the long stretch of November, we saw the music pop star, Ariana Grande tweeting about her new tune Christmas and Chill EP, where an official Apple Music account gave a reaction where they given by connection joined to the collection. 

Marques Brownlee the YouTuber who has picked up notoriety as a Twitter police in the ongoing days recognized that the specific Tweet by the Apple Music was posted utilizing an Android gadget on Twitter. 

However, this wouldn't influence Apple much as we as a whole realize that Apple Music can likewise be introduced on Android yet clearly advancing Apple Music by means of Android wasn't sufficiently astute. Ought to have been done by means of any of Apple's item as they should keep their notoriety and status first.

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