Having more than one computer is impractical for the majority of people. The ideal need for anyone who needs a computer would be a good screen for good gaming experience, Virtual Reality compatibility, and many more. But no computer serves all the purposes of being a computer, and no one wants to have different computers for different capabilities. One computer is all you need, Alienware m15.

Weighing just under 5 pounds with a 25-millimetre thick body, the laptop is not that heavy and should be considered portable. You'll want to buy this computer by just looking at it. The designers did a pretty good job, making it look more like a notebook without compromising the performance that Alienware has been delivering. The machine is loaded with i9-9980HK octo core being the best variant, but the one with i7-9750H hex-core is pretty powerful too and will save you four hundred fifty dollars.

Along with that, you also get six-phase voltage control for enhancing efficiency and higher turbo frequencies as long as the cooling works. Six cores are more than enough to do anything on the computer, so it is better to get the one with six cores as that will save you a lot of money with the same working efficiency.

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Efficiency, Display, and Gaming Experience

With all cores loaded up, the machine went up to 95 degrees but did not compromise the performance as the Alienware pushes the processor to 3 to 3.2 GHz. With better cooling, the computer gets a bit loud sometimes, and the manufacturers did a great job as the laptop is quieter than the other high-performance laptops out there. The computer gets a bit noisy when rendering, installing a program, or while gaming. This is an absolute beast when it comes to gaming when it comes to gameplay and animation. You can apply for Software Engineer Intern Jobs to know about this field.

Coming to the gaming experience, the machine is packed with Nvidia 2080 Max Q. While long hours of gaming, the CPU might be sweating off the temperature, but the GPU stays cool, avoiding the drop in frames. The maximum temperature that the GPU went to was just 66 degrees, which means that you will get the best gaming experience provided by laptops. Along with that, the machine is loaded with 240 Hz display, which means a lot of smoother animations and higher frames. The computer will put you in a competitive advantage with the smoother animation.

The screen produces the maximum amount of colours that a laptop has ever done, which makes it ideal for editing, gaming, and other creative stuff. It does not end there; the pixel refresh rate is so fast that it makes the whole thing easy with no calibration. But the screen does not come with the touch screen feature. If that is what you expect from a notebook that could be a deal-breaker. With all of that, the system also gives you the eye tracker option along with the high refresh rate gaming that is liked by the gamers, but that can be turned off as per one's choice.

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Coming to the performance, the touchpad is smaller than before, but with the glass top and windows touch precision drivers, it feels pretty smooth and will serve well. The real standout here is the keyboard introducing 1.7 millimetres of travel, giving you just the right feel of typing and gaming. It feels like a better version of Macbook when it comes to tasks like writing an essay, rendering out a video, and gaming. Alienware m15 has got you covered in any way possible, but there is a bit of an issue when it comes to the pricing of the product. Alienware m15 is an expensive piece of technology, like the one we are talking about will cost three thousand three hundred and thirty-three dollars. You can see the latest result from fresh hiring.

The real issue

With the same money, you can get better specs and twice as good the performance of Alienware m15 if you build or buy a proper gaming setup. You will have better frames, quick response, and fast processing. That is only an issue if you want the performance, not the portability. Notebooks are meant to be portable, and to bring that factor into play, a bit of performance is also compromised. Among the laptops, this will serve every purpose at a faster rate. But we cannot compare a notebook with a proper setup, but when performance is the only concern, you can.

You can get the whole setup along with the keyboard, mouse, and the headset at the same price with the same or better configuration on the CPU and the desktop. If performance is all you need but with no portability, there is no way this notebook works better than a setup, but this surely is the best notebook out there.

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