On-screen character couple Ajay Devgn and Kajol are going to commend their twentieth wedding commemoration (WHEN?) and have spoken about how they've figured out how to remain together for such a long time. 

Conversing with DNA in front of their wedding commemoration, Ajay shared the key to their relationship and stated, "best of all, we've never asked each other to be what we aren't. On the off chance that she needs space, she can have it and on the off chance that I need space, she never hard feelings that. We can sit together in a space for quite a long time, doing our very own thing and we don't feel awkward that we're not talking. You can just coexist with individuals who are inconspicuous yet, in the meantime, we're as one." 

Characterizing his condition with Kajol, he stated, "On the off chance that you don't have it, at that point you can't be as one for such a long time. We have a bond where we can reveal to one another anything we desire. Indeed, even at home, we are a relaxed couple." 

Ajay and Kajol had got married at his living arrangement in Mumbai (WHEN), however they once admitted that there was never a formal proposition from both of them. 

The couple were visitors on the talk show Koffee With Karan prior this season and were a mob as they unwound a few privileged insights about one another. 

Indeed, even host Karan Johar had some good times of Kajol's obsession with taking selfies and altering them for online life, and her propensity for never purchasing anything costly. 

In the scene, Ajay proceeded to remark on her online life propensities, saying, "She has never done this in her life and I don't know budhaape mein aake (in her old age)..." But Kajol had a brief interposition, "Tumhara budhaapa hoga, mera toh nai hai."

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