This Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai may be a good way to begin exploring this glorious super town. Be ready for eight to ten hours of Abu Dhabi’s finest and poshest structures. After you have got been picked up from your pick up location begin out with a scenic drive to national capital that is Abu Dubai, UAE’s largest Emirate and proud capital. Admire the views of the Gulf Coast as you hear a noteworthy narration of tales concerning Abu Dhabi’s past and its journey to changing into one amongst the foremost supposed cities of the planet.
Sheikh Zayed Mosque:
Upon reaching national capital, your 1st stop is going to be the well-known Arab Zayed Grand house of God. Considered the fourth biggest house of God within the planet, the Arab sheikh Zayed Grand house of God portrays Islamic design at its most elegant. Pearly white domes framed with tall minarets, marble courtyards reflective the sky, soft hand loomed carpets and chic chandeliers build this attraction a peaceful scene.

Once you are done fascinating concerning the majestic Grand house of God, we will take a drive on the

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Corniche Beach:
It is eight km stretch of the picturesque city district. It has the well-maintained lawns and sett pathways.

As you continue, you will proceed to:
The luxurious Emirates palace:
 Designed by Abu Dhabi’s ruling government as a show of emirate luxury. The hotel’s cavernous interior and marble ornament makes everybody desire a king. it's additionally the situation of the world’s 1st gold dispensing ATM. the following stop on the itinerary is that the building that created its look within the blockbuster show ‘Fast and Furious 7’. The Etihad Towers may be a assortment of 5 structures jactitation fashionable subject area designs. The structures overlook the ocean and appearance like glass trophies within the air (The tour don't enclosed the visit to three hundred observation deck Etihad Towers, you'll walk in).

For some national capital history visit the,
Heritage village:
Recreations of AN oasis settlement, fort and house of God can provide the guests an inspiration of the traditional Emirati way. Dioramas of daily activities, artifacts and souvenirs are all exhibited within the onsite depository. You will choose Emirati Lunch at the Al ASALA Heritage building that serve authentic emirate food or your driver guide drive you to dock mall food court.
When your lunch finished prepare for a stop at the,
Date market:
to return across a good choice of the favorite date fruit. Make a choice from a range of cellular, stuffed, chocolate coated then abundant.
Before creating your manner back to city, drive past, Yas Island.
Admire the outside of the renowned Ferrari World that is home to the world’s quickest roller coaster. Additionally if you have got time to go to Louvre Abu Dhabi in Saadiyat Island, please do allow us to grasp beforehand we will build an itinerary to mend the places you prefer. By the top of the national capital tour from city you may have a brand new found love for town of Abu Dhabi. is the site where you have to go to book your deal!

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