Its obvious men and women are different from each other in many ways but, what’s more surprising is the fact that some of the difference has to do with eyes. Generally, women sustain eye injury comparably less than men throughout their lifetime however, female eyes are more vulnerable to various eye diseases. Let’s have a closer look!

Women &…

  • Eye Anomalies

You’d be surprised to know that women need eye glasses more than men while the risk of chronic dry eye development is also greater. In case you’re a woman and already struggling with particular symptoms like irritation or itchiness in the eye, blurred vision, stinging pain, soreness and redness, it probably lead to dry eye symptom. And although eye drops may work in the short term, taking appointment with an eye doctor is a better way to define a course of treatment.

Glaucoma (loss of vision due to optic nerve damage) and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (gradual loss of central vision) are two most severe and sight-threatening conditions more common among women than men. But you needn’t to worry as the best way to fight all these particular and many other eye diseases is early detection.

Important: For patients who’ve been recommended vitrectomy surgery or any other serious treatment should definitely consult an eye expert.

  • Risk Factors

Then there’re a few other eye diseases particular to women during pregnancy, birth control as well as menopause because all the three results in some serious hormonal changes. The persisting dry eye anomaly may get more severe whereas taking birth control pills increases the chance of cataracts.

Gender and age are two factors beyond your ability to control or alter however, there’s always something better to ensure maximum safety and the best lifestyle. While looking after children, family and many other things, women tend to forget taking care of themselves while ignoring periodical eye exams.

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The Typical Female Gaze

Fun facts – The real difference is the way male and female eyes actually see and perceive. Research has indicated that women are better and sharper to distinguish between colours whereas men can track movement very well. It’s quite obvious as to why couples argue over swatches of paint; there’s the entire biological reason behind that.


The Optometrist’s Doing

Eye health professionals always encourage their patients, be it male or female, to proactively look into their eye health. Some of the most important yet simpler thing is eating healthy and nutritious food, quit smoking for good, schedule regular eye examination or as per your doctor’s recommendation. 

Upgrade Your Diet Plan

Prepared/canned food and convenience edibles are preferred nowadays due to lack of time, busy schedule and fast-paced life. And most of the stores have healthy vegetables that are far more expensive than other means of processed foods. It’s unfortunate that very few of these prepared foods contain complete nutrients for overall vision and eye health.

Before self-deciding on the course of eye treatment especially if your case is as complicated as vitrectomy surgery, do consult an eye expert for correct course of treatment.

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