Together with the Launch of Lightroom 4, Adobe has increased more fans from the photography showcase. Having the simpler to utilize interface, new characteristics, alongside commentators guaranteeing photographs prepared from the fresh out of the box new Lightroom "just appear to be better", it's easy to perceive any reason why it's among the most outstanding choices for electronic photography. Different applications may likewise appear to be not too bad, yet don't cover an enormous accumulation of designs, and every now and again appear to be too "default choice". 

Luckily for us, there are a couple of stunning locales offering free (and redressed) presets for Lightroom that will help you to take full advantage of your photos. View our top choices beneath, and furthermore remember a couple may very well be for Lightroom 3. 


ShutterSweets is an incredible new site with a simple to explore set of instruments for picture takers. They have a magnificent complimentary gift group so you can download a couple of the most notable presets at no expense. 

You're ready to get their Complimentary Lightroom Presets Volume 1. Among my most loved things concerning ShutterSweets is that their Limitless Membership. When you select, you will get quick life access to all in general site, both today and later on. Different sites give comparative decisions, however they for the most part need repeating installments consistently. 


This is only one of the later sites, in any case, has some awesome presets at economical rates. They've a little decision of thoroughly free Lightroom presets you may attempt moreover. 


To begin, our very own site, Presets Galore. While not all things are totally free, there's an incredible decision of free presets open through this connection. Even better, there are various articles in this website which can enable you to create your very own presets, likewise utilize the ones which you download. 

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To not be Outdone, Preset Love is a site committed totally to free presets out of numerous particular organizers. It contains more than one hundred presets, every one free. Extraordinary to get a look on the off chance that you are altering pictures on a monetary foundation. 


An Interesting site, and among my most loved up until this point. They completed an occupation some time back of acquiring three hundred and sixty-five particular presets they are putting forth complimentary. 

Presumably the most noteworthy scope of presets accessible gratis, and all composed simply like a logbook, that can be captivating. On the off chance that you just need a jackpot of every single one of a kind decision to play, this could be the spot to move by visiting 


Another site committed to free stuff with the expectation of complimentary it doesn't just offer presets, what's more, it supplies Photoshop apparatuses alongside likewise the intermittent Photometer preset. It's a pleasant amount of assortment with close to a hundred things. Loads of decision, and decisions to the observing picture taker comprehends this site a spot in my best ten. 

7. ON1 

Designed as a Website for experts, the free presets on this site take the sort of themed introduction packs and free preliminaries. 

They're of talented quality and could in all likelihood be well justified, despite all the trouble notwithstanding when they were not free. The Lightroom presets made accessible by On1 are made by prominent preset artists, so ensure you test them out. 

8. Screen PULSE 

The complimentary Presets on screen here are odd in their own assortment. Over that, they give new apparatuses which you could download to use in Photoshop. Unquestionably worth a look!

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