Sometimes, all you need is a long weekend road trip that can however be extended if need be. Open roads with minimum traffic is a perfect combination to break your own speed record or simply explore the unknown.

You might be tempted to toss only a few essentials and drive off but for the well-versed, preparation is the first priority which means lots of packing tips and how to do it right to make your next road trip the best ever.

That said, everyone has a unique style when it comes to road trip like rocking the car and everyone on the road with loud music, jotting down all the essentials of the trip, pack healthy snacks and more.

Whatever the case, here’re a few must-know road hacks to make your next trip as pleasant as can be.

  1. Bring Along Multi-Outlet Adaptor

Most of the latest car models come with a charging unit/socket but nowadays, we’re more dependent on smartphones for navigation, entertainment and many other purposes so you might need more than one. When travelling with children, utilise the central charging station and keep the cords organised.

  1. Tuck Your Shoes under the Backseat

For those who prefer a comfortable drive, keep the shoes tucked under the backseat. This is handy especially when you’re travelling with children to make some extra space and quick-to-find just in case there’s an emergency stop for using the restrooms.

  1. The Car Tote

Nothing is handier than a car tote especially when you or your children pack excess stuff like books, magazines, laptops and so on. It can be kept on the centre of the cabin’s floor for easy access.

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  1. Shower Caddy

A long road trip without eating on the go is unthinkable especially when you’re driving with children. This is where shower caddies make a great storage compartment to keep the food and also as a serving means to avoid spilling all inside the vehicle’s cabin.

  1. The Muffin Liners

Simply place these in the cup holders and use them to collect and store change, makeup stuff and other random items for easy removal.

  1. DIY Trash Bins

All that you need is to bring in the cereal container from the storeroom, add a protective plastic layer at the bottom to collect the litter and dispose it after use. It makes a perfect in-car trash bin to ensure a cleaner cabin.

  1. A Pillow or Neck Rest

To save space and let go of your regular pillow, bring in a neck rest that is a perfect alternative. Make sure it’s made of foam or softer material other than air-filled for maximum comfort.

  1. The Air Mattress

If you drive a large SUV from one of the car rental services in Manama for a longer trip, a regular makeshift air mattress is perhaps the best option that can be turned into a single bed and chair whenever needed in the back of the car.

Make your next road trip exceptional and exciting from the beginning with some extra preparation.

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