There are reasons why website businesses are now focusing more on mobile optimization. The trend is using a smartphone today to perform each and every daily operation. Smartphones are really serving the best purpose of several essential tasks.

Web browsing is a popular online habit. In the past days, people can only access websites via desktop or laptop. It was a great experience because the websites those days were optimized mainly for desktop platforms.

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Accessing a website on mobile was not that easy but it is today. Why so? Because website development company are developing their websites for smartphone platforms too. The smartphone user percentage is increasing at a high rate.

If you want your online business to run as a successful digital marketing then it is your utmost priority to focus on optimizing the websites for mobile.

Here are the top 7 ways of how to optimize your website for mobile in 2019.

1. AMP implementation

Google is everything when it comes to website optimization for any platform. It has awesome features especially for website optimization on every platform. Google has AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) listings for mobile-friendly websites.

One of the surprising facts is, most of the mobile website publishers tend to ignore this feature because they don’t know about it. As a result, they don’t get to use the full advantage of optimizing mobile websites for the target audience.

Multiple advantages are there of the AMP listing.

  • Your website will get included to Google ranking
  • You can always expect a higher ranking of your website
  • Your mobile website will show more content in a single search
  • Perfect optimization of the website for mobile platforms
  • The high number of audiences can be targeted who will mainly be the mobile users

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2. Image optimization is a must for mobile

In the case of B2B marketing strategy, 51% of them emphasize on developing a website with high visual quality. There are valid reasons. The main reason is to make the website look more appealing.

The more you can make your content highly visualized with animations and pictures, the higher it will attract the audience. But make sure to make the images optimized for mobile screens also. The Images help to pop-up with attractive content.

When it comes to audience engagement, the images and other visuals are the best options to catch a lot of target audience. As the users are mobile mostly so, you can come with a mobile-optimized website with high-quality images.

The image size may decrease or other visualities may become smaller just to get optimized for the mobile website. The images must load quickly for the mobile website.

It is of high importance to maintain the right image format for mobile-optimized websites. Make sure to use the PNG format as it can be compressed nearly about 90% to 95%.

3. Shun the habit of using Adobe Flash

One of the first conditions of making a website optimized for mobile is to get rid of some unnecessary add-ons and plugins. As a website developer, you need to get rid of the flash and related media players.

There were days when the Adobe Flash media player dominated almost each and every website related thing. But today the use of Adobe Flash is almost equal to zero. Because most of the modern-day websites are taking the approach of lesser implementation.

The lesser the complication is, the more it is beneficial for the audience. So, there is basically no place for extra flash effects and animations. Plus, Adobe flash is vulnerable to security threats.

Poor performance, less complicated, and security threats – these are the major reasons why you should get rid of Adobe Flash media player for mobile websites.

4. Loading speed matters

Remember the last time when you visit a website and the page took too much time to load! This is the same happens when the slow loading of the webpage happens. It is of utter importance to have a website optimized highly so that it loads quickly.

A website that doesn’t have speed in page loading, can be compared to a human being without life. Slow loading time leads to high bounce rate. It is one of the top things to consider especially when you are optimizing the website for mobile.

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Increase the page loading speed of the website. This will help you to get a higher rank in Google.

You can do the following to increase the speed.

  • Omit the extra codes
  • Decrease HTTP requests
  • Reduce the response time of the server
  • Optimize each and every database query

A big chunk of people surfs the internet via mobile and the number will increase vastly with time. So, it’s up to you to provide a fast experience to the users to target a large audience.

5. Pop-ups are a distraction

A recent mission is started by Google. They took an initiative to provide an optimized experience to the users. That is why Google started to show pop-ups.

These are basically ads of several other websites of your interest. Google starts showing pop-ups on the top of the browser but today they moved to a side or down the browser.

A full-screen pop-up ad can hamper the entire mobile experience. It will be better if you don’t use the pop-up ads at all. Instead of that, use hyperlinked text on your mobile-optimized website.

Removing the pop-ups will help you to achieve a higher rank too.

6. Mobile searches require extra tags

There is a difference between searching for things on mobile versus desktop. Generally, users tend to do more mistakes when they search for tags on mobile. The spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes are the ones that can be seen extensively.

That is why you need to implement several tags, in fact, more in number than the desktop version. The tags will be really helpful for the users. When a mobile user will search for things then the suggested tags will be there. From the tags, users can choose the desired result.

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7. Difference of contents

Here is a big thing. The contents you post for the desktop version of the website doesn’t mean it will be suitable for the mobile version too. So, you need to post contents that are mobile-friendly.

The way of viewing content on the desktop is totally different than the way of viewing content on mobile. A content that looks perfect on the desktop, may loom large in mobile. Or a content that looks perfect in mobile, may look small in a desktop.

As per the requirements, you need to post content that is mobile-friendly. You can use the CTA (Call to Action) function perfectly for the mobile-optimized website. Make sure to perform the A/B tests to get the best output of the mobile content.

Here are the best 7 ways of how you can optimize the website.

Optimizing your website for mobile in 2019 can be a tricky thing. But it will be one of the first steps of success to become a successful digital marketing company India.

Make sure to follow the top 7 points to come up with a website that will be greatly optimized for mobile. The modern-day business has grown to a state where a website is a must for desktop users as well as mobile users.

After all, users will always prefer comfortable and convenient net surfing over any platform. Follow the points and come up with a great website perfectly optimized for mobile.

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