The quantity of Indian killed in the horrendous shootings in two mosques in New Zealand's Christchurch rose to five on Saturday after Mohammad Farhaj Ahsan, the 30-year-old electrical architect and three Gujaratis including a dad child team from Vadodara and an inhabitant of Ahmedabad were proclaimed dead on Saturday. An additional 30-year-elderly person from Telangana's Karimnagar locale, Mohammed Imran Khan, lost his life in the terminating on Saturday. 

"We have quite recently gotten a message from New Zealand experts that Ahsan passed away in the shooting," his sibling Khasim Khan said. 

Hailing from Hyderabad's Tolichowki zone, Ahsan had gone to Al Noor Mosque for Friday petitions yet did not return home after a shooter opened aimless flame on admirers. 

His better half, Insha Aziz, had got panicky and called Ahsan's dad, Mohammad Sayeeduddin, and mother Imtiaz Fatima. 

"My little girl in-law called us on Friday evening and said that Ahsan had gone to the mosque where the terminating occurred. There was no data about him. We have been in consistent touch with her," Sayeeduddin told columnists. 

Ahsan went to Christchurch six years prior and had been working there. He took his significant other and two children – three-year-old little girl and seven-year-old child – there two years prior. 

Manzoor Ahmed Khan, who claims Al Manzoor marriage corridor in Karimnagar town, said he had gotten a call from his sibling's family, presently settled in Chicago in the US, about Imran's demise. 

"Imran tumbled to the professional killer's shots at Al Noor Masjid where he had gone for Friday petitions," Khan told this journalist via telephone. Khan said that Imran, who examined up to Class 12 in Hyderabad, went to New Zealand looking for an occupation a few years back and got associated with some sort of business movement there. 

His dad, Masood Ahmed Khan, and whatever remains of his family left that nation and settled in Chicago in the US after some time. Khan did not clarfiy when precisely the family moved to New Zealand or when they – separated from Imran – left for the US. 

Mehboob Khokkhar, a resigned representative of Gujarat Electricity Board, was visiting his child Imran, who has settled in NZ. He was gravely injured and announced dead on Saturday.

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