We all have encountered technology from one area or the other. The age has been infested so much with technology bits and pieces that we cannot imagine ourselves without some of the gadgets we have with us. Offices cannot run without their computers thus, they invest heavily in their IT department. Most of us cannot imagine life without a smartphone. Some say that they would literally ‘die’. What happens when our society totally depends on these gadgets? 

4 Ways How Technology Has Had An Undesirable Impact On Our Society

What are some of the challenges that we have already experienced as a society, just by embracing these technologies? In knowing some of these challenges, we are able to control ourselves, now that we cannot totally get rid of the trends today. 

Technology and morality in our society

The freedom of access of whichever kind of information has taken a great toll on us. The whole idea is that human beings should be able to access information through the internet, since information is power. However, some forms of information have greatly reduced the moral standards of society. If any kind of data, video clip, picture, and publication can be placed on the internet, then you will expect that even the underage will have better access to information that is morally substandard. Take a wild guess what kind of society we will have in the near future. 

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Technology and war

Nuclear technology was designed initially to curb the insufficiency we experience in energy for the daily running of society. Nuclear and atomic energy can and has been converted to instruments of war, with warheads ready for deployment at any given time. Nations have risen in threats against other nations on the basis of threat. Economies are slowly shifting, favoring those countries that have nuclear power, presenting an issue that human beings are not ready to deal with now. 

Technology and increased unemployment

This is a rather obvious negative effect of technology. It is a good idea for machines to assist human beings. However, the trade off is quite tricky. This is especially true for developing countries, where widespread unemployment levels are further being increased by the introduction of technologies that force workers out of industries. Considering that the industries are owned by less than 10% of society, many are viewing it as outright selfishness. 

Technology and its role in informing

The internet has been termed as one of the greatest trends in the spread of information globally. Wireless technology has enabled us to do what we are doing on online business, an ever expanding business platform for thousands worldwide. However, many people are accused of misleading masses through unverified and inaccurate information. This too, increases tension all over the world. 

This is not to say that technology has more negative effects than positive ones. All we can do as societies is make sure that we counter the negative effects of this technology at this age. If we will not do this, then the coming generations will suffer the consequences of our poor action plans. 

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