Parkour is one of the toughest physical exercises in the world. You will see a lot of parkour enthusiasts around you. But it is very difficult to find real experts, because there are very few.

However, one may not be able to do the real parkour jumping and free running. But intermediate level parkour is easy to learn and do in routine.

And as we know everything requires best preparation and same is the case with parkour. You need to prepare, you need to have several things which will give you maximum output. And among these things the most important thing is shoes.

You need the best shoes for parkour sessions which will make you parkour sessions more efficient and worthy. And here you are going to see the 3 best shoes for parkour sessions. These shoes have been carefully chosen and are the best choice for parkour. Things like breathability, flexibility and shock absorption are most important factors.

Here then are the 3 best shoes for parkour.

NIKE Flex 2018 RN

NIKE is a well know brand around the world for sport consumers. They have a lot of nice shoes for every purpose. And one of those good shoes are the NIKE Flex 2018 RN, they are one of the best shoes for physical training and parkour.

The design of these shoes is rather nice. It keeps your foot relax and has a very good airflow. This makes the shoes nicely breathable which keeps your feet dry while you are running.

These shoes are very comfortable because of the material used below in the midsoles and the upper portion as well. The design and comfort together makes these shoes very flexible. Up on the top the laces and upper mesh is designed in a way which will nicely take grip of your foot from the inside.

Additionally, these shoes have a very nice shock absorption. This makes sure you can jump around easily without any worries of getting hurt.

So overall, these parkour shoes from NIKE are the best option if you are getting ready for some very good parkour sessions in the future.

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Vibram KSO EVO

These shoes bear a new style. They are designed exactly like the shape of a foot, where all you fingers get separate room. This shape makes sure the grip on the outer side is maximum and traction control is very necessary in advanced parkour running.

Besides, the ways these shoes are designed makes them comfortable. The outer sole is designed to sit low, which makes these shoes lightweight. Also the fabric used in upper mesh is highly breathable which assures maximum airflow.

Each shoe weigh only 141 grams which is no weight at all. Moreover, the material of the outer sole is TC-1 rubber which ensures control on any surface. There are no or very limited chances of slipping on any surface. Because these shoes have a very nice grip on the lower outer side.

Merell Men’s Vapor Glove

Merell Men Vapor Glove shoes are minimal in design. They sit low very near to the ground. Such a design makes sure the shoes are highly flexible. You can take them to any sort of training or running and they won’t degrade.

Also, the design of these shoes is such that one can use them for other purposes as well. You can wear them as casual shoes or just for going out.

You can get these shoes in wide range of colors. The midsole material is very comfortable and also the upper portion has a decent amount of airflow for keeping your feet dry at all times.

Each of the shoes weighs 136 grams which settles these shoes into the lightweight category. Also, the design is such that your feet never sticks to the inside of the lower sole and the running becomes easier.

So, these were the 3 best shoes for parkour. As mentioned earlier you must be prepared for these free running sessions beforehand. The only way you can get best results is when you have these best hoes in hand. And you will surely enjoy you strength building sessions when you have the best armor for it.

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