Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday said that the AAP government will promote two lakh new employments if Delhi is given full statehood. 

"Four years prior, we kept in touch with the Prime Minister that we need to open 50 new schools in Delhi, still no consent has been given. The legislatures of Haryana and Tamil Nadu don't need to take consent from the focal government for opening new universities. Be that as it may, we do," Kejriwal said tending to a rally here. 

"On the off chance that Delhi will be given full statehood, at that point understudies with 60 percent imprints will likewise get affirmation in great universities," Kejriwal said while tending to a rally here. 

"Today, our kids are meandering around jobless. As of late I completed a gauge. There can be two lakh new employments in the Delhi government. Yet, your Chief Minister does not have the ability to take out new opening. In the event that Delhi will get full statehood, we will give two lakh new opportunities out of which 85 percent will have a place with the general population of Delhi just," he included. 

His announcement comes a long time before the 2019 Lok Sabha decision. 

The seven-stage decisions will start from April 11, and checking of votes will happen on May 23.

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