Once you have planned for a baby, you should do everything in your power to ensure that you get pregnant in your next cycle. There are a few smart steps you can take in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, which in turn have a positive impact on your health and will gradually improve your chances of conception.

Maintaining perfect health majorly influence the likelihood of getting accurate results from a pregnancy test. Basic habits like eating healthy, going to the gym, feeling relaxed and happy are some ways to maintain a good preconception health and making your body receptive to the complicated pregnancy process it has to undergo in a few months.

We at Dynamic Fertility & IVF Centre, have formulated some proven essential tips to make your pregnancy certain. To create a good fertility environment in your body, it’s crucial that you start preparing at least three months before you attempt to conceive. It is not a big task to optimize your fertility because it takes some minor alterations in your lifestyle to induce healthy pregnancy.

There are some steps you can incorporate in your daily life to make your pregnancy more effective.

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Maintain a healthy weight

If you have been thinking of shedding those extra pounds, then this might be the right time to take the necessary action. Lose weight if you are overweight and gain it if you are lightweight. Obesity can adversely affect your pregnancy results and being underweight can cause various health issues that can make it hard for you to conceive. Fat cells are linked to estrogen in your body and unstable quantity of fat cells in your body can disrupt hormonal levels. Therefore, it is crucial to stay a healthy weight while you try to get pregnant.

Choose a nutrition-rich diet

Opt for a healthy diet; eat foods that are rich in zinc, antioxidants, vitamin, folic acid, etc. There are certain vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains packed with vital antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, and E, lutein, etc. that help in nourishing your body for future pregnancy. Cut down the consumption of carbs, seafood, raw eggs, and artificial sweeteners as they can have a detrimental effect on your pregnancy.

Cut-down on your caffeine intake

Excess caffeine intake is bad for your fertility health. Studies and researches have shown that women who take more than 500 mg of caffeine in a day face difficulty getting pregnant and take a longer time to achieve pregnancy than women who don’t take caffeine. High caffeine intake also increases the possibility of a miscarriage.

Manage stress

It is normal to feel anxious when thinking of conceiving as so many things pop out in your mind and you doubt your ability to attain a healthy pregnancy. However, make sure that you keep a check on stress as it can postpone your ovulation cycle and can lead to uterine contractions. It is impossible to completely banish stress from your life but you can find ways to effectively deal with it. Try out some yoga and meditation classes to soothe your stress levels.

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Analyze your cervical mucus

The quality of your cervical mucus keeps on changing over a period of time; it is the best when your ovulation cycle is near and normal when your menstrual cycle is over. Cervical mucus that appears clear, white and elastic indicates high levels of fertility. Once you start noticing changes in the density of the mucus you should start having sexual intercourse almost every day until your ovulation cycle occurs. It will become thick, creamy and stretchy once ovulation takes place.

Take more vitamin and minerals

Take advice from your doctor regarding the vitamins that would be beneficial at this preconception stage. It is always appropriate to take suggestions from an expert faculty instead of trying things out on your own. You doctor might ask you take the most common vitamin called the prenatal vitamin, and other supplements such as folic acid, vitamin A, C, and E, coenzyme q 10, iron, omega 3 fish oil, etc. Consuming these vitamins and supplements positively impacts your fertile health.

Abstain from heavy workouts

Heavy workout sessions can adversely affect your menstrual cycle, which in turn will have negative effects on your overall health. Avoid rigorous exercising as this can cause disruption in the smooth functioning of your reproductive system. Opt for some basic exercises and stretching to keep up your fitness levels. However, you should avoid a sedentary lifestyle as it can lead to infertility. Small chunks of activities here and there like walking, taking stairs and standing as much as you can are sufficient enough to ensure healthy blood flow in your body.

Refrain from drinking alcohol

Completely abandon the use of alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcohol is one of the major causes of infertility.  Women who drink on a frequent basis take a longer time to get pregnant than those who don’t. Alcohol is harmful to fetal development and women who consume it have a greater risk of a miscarriage. Therefore, it should be avoided at all cost if you wish to attain a healthy pregnancy.

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Avoid trans fats and refined carbs

Ingesting enough fat is essential for maintaining healthy energy levels to regulate active functioning of the reproductive organs. However, trans fats found in processed foods, vegetable oils, and fried foods, should be avoided as they are associated with infertility. Studies have shown that a diet full of trans fats has led to the cause of infertility in women. Carbs are important for the body but watch out for the type of carbs you are taking, because refined carbs present in sugary foods and beverages affect the insulin levels and cause infertility in women.

Avoid smoking

You can finally try chewing some nicotine tablets if you have been thinking of quitting smoking for a long time. Both you and your partner need to quit smoking if you want to make the process of pregnancy  smooth and achievable. Women who smoke are susceptible to ectopic pregnancy and have a higher risk of miscarriage.

If you still have some doubts regarding the procedure of becoming pregnant and have not achieved pregnancy even after trying for a year, then you can feel free to visit Dynamic IVF & Fertility Centre. 

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