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Knowledge Guru is the platform that covers news stories and information about “Innovation & Tech, Business, Startups, Latest News, Photography. Our purpose is to keep our audience engage in a fruitful way by letting them know about latest update and trending.

 What we are looking for?

The main purpose of our blog is to entertain our viewer and letting them know about trending in a productive way. So, if you think that you can contribute in any field for “Knowledge Guru”, Then we warmly welcome you to write for us. We give this golden opportunity for both experienced as well as beginners to share their idea , thoughts and writing work with us. You can submit your article with two Do Follow links, submit your article by this URL :- http://knowledge-guru.com/submit-your-blog After submitting your article please send me a mail (knowledgeguru2019@gmail.com) with following informations “author’s name, author’s email address, author’s profile image, about author(author bio) and social media account details {facebook, Instagram, twitter}.”

Note :- If we are not getting email after submit your article then we are not able to publish your article over the Knowledge Guru. This is only for your reference for first time submission, but make sure that the content should be unique and well researched. We don’t accept copy paste work for our blog, if you have any query and concern then email us at knowledgeguru2019@gmail.com  These are few things that we expect from you as a writer.

1. Your article should be unique and must cover facts.
2. You should have strong grip on the domain, you are writing about.
3. Your work should be genuine and free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.
4. The length of the article should be between 700-1000 words.
5. The article should have a proper introduction, the main body and a suitable conclusion.
6. In conclusion, you can also give your own viewpoint as well.
7. It would be highly appreciated, if you use relevant images and videos in your content to make it understandable for the readers. However, don’t forget to credit the source.
8. Don’t write useless and uninteresting things in your article to make it lengthy.
9. The article should be informative and entertaining for the readers.
10. It would be great to use formal tone while writing an article.
11. Your written piece should not be published on web before.
12. Writers who adore to experience trendy and fresh knowledge would be highly consider.

All Set to Go?

Last but not the least; if you think you have all the above skills in you then contact us. You are welcome to share your writings with us and we will publish it on our website. submit your article by this link: http://knowledge-guru.com/submit-your-blog and we will contact you within 24 to 28 hours.